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This is a page of our quotes and sayings

Person: Mark
Quote: "Eric isn't just studying law, it's law with bullshit"

Person: Paul
Quote: "I've heard that anal sex hurts like buggery"

Person: Eric
Quote:"I'll have the largest burger you do and a diet coke"

Person: Dave
Quote: "That's nice" (see solutions page)

Person: Paul
Quote: "More music than you can shake a stick at" (URE link)

Person: Paul
Quote: "Well, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"

Person: Mark
Quote: "I think you're flogging a dead horse again Paul"


Person: David
1. "Arse"
2. "Doh"
3. "I've got no food left"
4. "I can't go out yet, my jeans aren't dry"
5."I'm just going to have a bath" (five minutes before we're dueto go out)
6. "Ahhh you gotta see this, Five minutes later... Ahhh you gottasee this, Five minutes later... Ahhh you gotta see this..."

Person: Paul
1. "Shut it, y Slaaag"
2. "Juldi"
3. "I'm going to have to reinstall windows again"
4. " This is AM 1404, And this is The Most music in the morningwith me Paul Jacobson"
5. "Anyway basically It's Fantastic"
6. "Whose turn is it to wash up" (if reply was not his, reaction would be: "Wahoo!")
7. "OH for F@*KS SAKE"
8. "honey i'm home" (checking whether anyone's home from wherever)
9. "Road kill cafe you kill we grill it!" (answering telephone)

Person: Mark
1. "Stupid oik"
2. "You TART"
3. "errmm"
4. "Paul its 9:30 are you getting up for your show?" (or somethnglike that)

Person: Eric
1. "I'm just going to make a call"
2. "Hi , how yer doin'?"
3. "You can't put this chinese in the fridge?" (not a commonone but funny anyway)
4. "I'm just gonna call a cab"
5. "AMALIA! rhgqrhrnj roheh fjklbnrih (something said angrily ingreek)"

Person: Roy
Saying: (None as yet, we will let you know of any developments!)