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Here are the pictures of us, along with a few other people. You may notice that there are a lot of pictures of Paul, and not so many of Mark, David, Eric or Roy. This is because Mark usually takes the pictures, David doesn'tlike having his picture taken and Eric spends half his time in Greece or on the phone to Greece.
The other reason is that if anyone is going to have or do something stupid/nasty/unlucky/funny, Paul is the most likely candidate, as he is a twit.
  To add some difficulty to the NES game "Duck Hunt", we played it reflectingthe image off of two mirrors! 
Mark, Paul and David all had URE (University Radio Essex) shows of their own. They are affectionately known as "Tall, Short and Wide" when they do a joint show. Paul had the best time slots because he had been doinga show for a year more than Mark and Dave.
The CD collection:Recording a show: Control desk:
Paul looking smug as he has a pint of beer in his hand.He very rarely looks this tidy, this picture was taken at the 1997 ChristmasBall. 
Paul now has a tatoo, what it is and why it's there we dont know. 
(Below) This is Paul in his natural surroundings. Watchinglate night cable TV (look closely!) and wearing his favorite shirt. 
(Above) As Lloyd Grossman would say, "Who lives in a roomlike this?" 
(For those of you who don't know, it's Dave) 
The world worst sofa - impossible to sit on. 
Any other suggestions? 
Paul in the URE studio, just don't ask why he looks likethat. 
Paul drinks a lot of coffee, sometimes two cups at a time! 
Paul trying to play the guitar. When I first heard Paul play it wasunbearable. He as improved, and his playing is now bearable but still painful.  Pauls audition to be in the boy band "East 17". 
These three photos were taken on the last Friday of the summer term.This one shows Lloyd, the head of music at URE (left), Martin (center)and Dave (right). 
This is in one of the student union bars, Level 2. Across the bottomare (from left) Dave, Beth, Chris and Martin. There are no prizes for guessingwhat Chris and Martin are looking at. 
In Level 2, with Andy, Fiona and Dave.  Fiona and I (Mark) at the 1998 Summer Ball. This is before we were dating. 
This is Fiona's cousin, Alison, and I'm sure that she didn't smoke.....