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Who we are, where we came from, and what we do
You are probably thinking, who or what the heck is Negative IQ. Don't worry, so are we. We are a group of ex-students who shared accomodation at (Essex) University. We also share ideas, which is why we keep getting up to make coffee at the same time. Anyway, what we do is think, although rarely about anything constructive.
We come up with strange solutions to problems people give to us, although they are rarely useful. I suppose we're a bit like the A-Team, but without the van. Or the guns. Or the excessive gold jewelry. Or being chased by the military police. Or the women at our feet. OK, so we're not like the A-Team at all, but every metaphore has holes in it. We are a non-profit making organisation but this is only because no-one has ever paid us any money. You may be asking yourself why you are reading this, well it's because its your cat-like curiosity to find out about Negative IQ, or you are very bored.
For more info on us, go to the people pages.

There are people who would like to become part of Negative IQ, but there are five founder members (Mark, Dave, Paul, Eric and Roy). We came up with the name Negative IQ several years ago while sitting in Paul's cell, err, I mean room late one night when there was nothing on T.V., but have only recently done anything with it. Other things we have been responsible for include drinking beer, sleeping, eating, firework parties, more beer drinking and staying up all night talking.
Discussing life, the universe and everything was how we came up with the Negative IQ philosophy - Do it later or let someone else do it.
We do have our own personal web pages for you to look at if you really want to:
Mark Belchamber's Homepage
David Powell's Homepage
Negative IQ's shrine to Paul Jacobson
Negative IQ's shrine to Eric Parks